Why is dental work cheap in Turkey ?

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Patients can make considerable savings by searching for dental services in Turkey. Generally, the prices in Turkey are not very cheap compared to other parts of Europe. However, dental treatments are much cheaper than clinics in Western Europe, North America and Australia. The reason for this can be wondered by most patients. In general, lower prices for dental care may also mean lower quality of care. It is not the case in Turkey, a country with EU standards, certainly does not apply to the services offered by Dental Center. In the following, we will explain why dentistry in Turkey at our clinic is more suitable for patients from developed countries.

Low Clinical Operational Costs

Because the total operating costs, including laboratory costs and dentist fees are lower compared to places like UK or USA, the dental care in Turkey is cheap. According to some estimates, dentist prices are over 55 percent less, compared to Western Europe and the United States. This number may seem clearly fluctuations but overall, it costs much more manageable in Turkey. Consequently, the savings of cost fall directly on patients who do not have to pay as much as in other countries. At Dental Center, we ensure that our lower operating costs result in lower fees for our patients.

The advantage of currency exchange

Most dental treatment prices, especially those branded like All-on-4 Dental Implants, are expensive everywhere. However, thanks to the exchange rate in Turkey, you can get the same procedure at a lower price. The value of the Turkish lira is less than the Sterling pound or US Dollar. On average, 1 £ (Pound) equals approximately 7,650 TRY, 1 € (Euro) around 6,350 TRY, and 1 $ (US dollar) equals about $ 5,700 TRY. Therefore, patients in the UK, the United States or elsewhere in Europe have a chance to pay less for the same treatments because of cost savings from the same exchange rates. If you pay in a currency with a higher value, you pay mathematically less for the same type of service. We provide pricing in 3 different currencies. These are English Sterling Pound, Euro, and the US Dollar. Compared to a clinic in your own country, prices in our clinic and the cost of a treatment can be compared. Patients from the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and even Japan have the opportunity to benefit from low operating costs and the benefits of currency exchange.

No Inflated Third Party Fees 

Besides our clinic operational costs, the laboratory costs and the fees of dentist in Turkey is lower than in lots of other countries. Our dentists do not charge as much as in other countries, so even our first class dentists are less expensive. Our dentists’ fees are paid according to local norms and as a result there are significant cost savings for patients. Dental patients are also overturned with sky-high third-party laboratory fees. At Dental Center Turkey , we have our own clinic to shape general dental orthodontics such as crowns and braces. Some are external sourced to a class A third-party laboratory. Because the costs are in the local currency, the general charges are less, as usual. Because our partners and in- clinic laboratories charge patients very reasonably, you can only expect reasonable rates. If you are concerned about laboratory costs to increase final costs, you can relieve these concerns at our Dental Clinic Turkey .

Travel to Turkey is Cheaper.

Turkey has a developing budget tourism sector. Traveling to Turkey is much cheaper than to travel to Spain, Italy and even Hungary. Everything, such as food and accommodation that you can possibly need as a tourist, are comparatively low in Turkey. For instance, for about £ 19 price you can stay in a 5-star hotel daily and eat at a local restaurant with a price of less than £ 10. There are many accommodation options in the country to suit different budgets. You can get support from us to find the best accommodation options to suit your budget. Everywhere through a variety of inexpensive restaurants and fast food meals you can eat cheaply in Turkey. And the local transport costs isn’t a burden. We have free transportation service for your appointments. You can also find local public transportation which is very cheap for tourists and non-Uber local taxis. Travel expenses to Turkey, does not offset the costs you save on your procedures. In fact, travel fares will be very low compared to thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds you will save on your procedures.

Free Services

Reducing your overall costs further will be free services offered by our clinics. We provide free transportation to appointments and a free airport transfer service that will reduce your local travel costs. Moreover, the first consultation with a dentist will be free of charge. Your first diagnosis will be discussed in the first consultation. We provide this service for free in our clinic, which can cost hundreds of dollars or pounds in other countries. You can write off some diagnostic tools that can add hundreds of dollars to your dental bill because we provide free panoramic x-ray and 3D tomography scans. These diagnostic tools are not always required but in countries such as the United States, if these technologies are needed, too much is charged. In our clinic, no further charges are required if x-ray or 3D scanning is needed.

No Extra Charges

Most of the Money that will be paid is for the actual dental procedure. For instance, when you come for a dental crown, much of the fee you pay is spent on shaping the crown itself instead of dentist fees, laboratory fees, or anything else. In countries such as the United States, insurance claims, presence of assistant, equipment rental, diagnostic scans and so on. Because we do not charge for diagnostic scans or only partially include maintenance costs, patients can benefit from impressively low prices. Hundreds or thousands can be saved from just one treatment. You have the opportunity to compare these pricescompare prices between our clinic and a clinic in your country by requesting a direct quote.

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