Easy Visa for Dental Care ! HOW TO GET ONLINE VISA FOR TURKEY ?

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A Guide to Understanding the Turkey E-Visa 

A very short time before coming to Turkey, you can get your visa to enter the country. This is also known as a “sticker visa”. This is currently replaced by an electronic visa  or the e-visa. In case you don’t do anything about this new process, you may think things are getting more complicated, but you will be very happy when you learn that this is not the case. On the contrary, electronic visas made things much easier for travelers who want to enter the country. Is there anybody who is still not sure about this process? If you’re still not sure, you don’t have to worry, you can find enough information about it here.

What Is The Turkey E-Visa?

First of all, you should know about the Turkish e-visa that this can only be applied for commercial and tourism purposes. For those who want to work or study in the country, there is another process they need to go through. For this, it is necessary to visit the Turkish embassy or consulate in that region. Although the name may look fancy, the real concept behind the e-visa is actually quite simple. In short, an online application is made to get a visa here. Actually, the whole process takes place online. You will also be asked to pay digitally. It is also required to pay by digital means. If the applications are accepted, the visa will be received in this way, as well.

Who Can Apply For It? 

It should also be known about the Turkish e-visa that this service isn’t available in all countries. Depending on the passport owned, it may be requested to get a visa from the Turkish embassy in the country of residence. Even if it is rarely, the situations that don’t require a visa to enter Turkey are available. Currently, the number of countries that can apply for a Turkish e-visa is less than 100. However, it is necessary to stay updated, as this list may change from time to time. If in doubt, it is a better idea to visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.

What Are the Required Steps?

It is very easy to apply for a Turkish e-visa. However, those who have never gone through the process before may need some guidance. All steps for the application procedure are as follows. First, there are a few things you need to get started. First, you need a few things to get started. There must be a valid passport, because it will be necessary to enter the details specified in this document. It is also important to know the date to enter Turkey and leaving date, too. Finally, a valid credit card is required to pay. 

Step 1: First, visit the Official website – www.evisa.gov.tr where you can find a suitable language to continue the rest of the application process.

Step 2: You will find an “Apply Now” button in the upper left corner of the website. Click this.

Step 3: In this section, the type of nationality and travel document to be used will be filled. Security verification must also be provided.

Step 4: The date of arrival will have to be entered. After doing this, you will be informed about the validity of the visa and how many times it is allowed to enter the country. A fee is also paid here.

Step 5: In this section, personal information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, address, phone number, parents’ names, details of passport and more will be filled out.

Step 6: After clicking the ‘Save and Continue’ button, a preview of the previously information will be displayed. Every information should be carefully checked as it cannot be changed after that. Click “Verify” if all details are correct

Step 7: You will receive an email as a verification step. After clicking the link provided in the email, you will go to the payment page.

Step 8: Here, after entering the necessary payment information, the transaction is completed.

Step 9: You can download your e-visa from this page after the payment has been accepted. There is also the option to check your email with another link to download your e-visa once more.

Step 10: In this step, the e-visa is downloaded, saved and printed. Now it is necessary to carry it with your passport or ID card. Optionally, e-visa applications can be made for more than one person at the same time. This is also called “Family Application”. However, this is only possible if the following criteria are met:

  •  Requesting e-visas for two to ten people

  • From the same country

  • Having the same travel document

  • Entering the country on the same date for this transaction, personal information must be entered for the first member of the family. After that, you need to click the “Add New Contact” button. After completing the application for the last family member, it is possible to make a lump sum payment. As you can see, applying for a Turkish e-visa is a fairly simple process. Now you know what to do, then it’s just a matter of continuing with the app.

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