why do you choose turkey for dental work?

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Our dental team start to work from your first message or call to schedule an appointment because our aim is that  we give you best experienced with our clinic

Our Dental Clinic provide more planning choices and affordable treatment dental plans with details to solve  your dental problems to  achieve your smile  as soon as possible. Our clinic  offer a wide of comprehensive dental treatments. These include, that dental implants, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, dental crowns,dental  bridges, gum conturing, teeth whitening, veneers and fillings. At Our Dental Center Clinic, firstly we take a 3d tomography from you and  than we check any potential problems with your teeth,bite or both jaw.If you need a gum disease , teeth filling,root canal or tooth decay, early detection helps us for to treat and manage your future problems.

If you have any of below dental problems;

•               Toothache

•               Bleeding gums

•               Dental implants for missing teeth

•               Bad breath

•               Broken fillings

•               Discoloured or chipped teeth

•               Crooked teeth

•               Problem with wisdom teeth

•               Wake up with painful jaws

•               Food getting inside between teeth

•               Gaps between your teeth

•               Uncomfortable dentures

•               Tooth grinding

•               You want to improve your smile

If you have above these problems, you can get an appointment with our dental team

About Our Dental Team;

Been in practice since 2005

Serving patients at the same location since 2016

We place approximately 200 implants per month

Why Should You Choose Us?

Dental Center Clinic provide to patients %100 satisfied result so we are so proud with ourself.Our dental team is always ready for your all question from beginner to end about dental appointment,financial options ,warranty and after care to finish all process as simple as possible.

we care about below matters;

Care and commitment: From the entrance to the 11 dentist room,our process is made up of professionals who take our patients oral health very seriously.We provide high standarts technology with the best material.As you walk in our clinic ,you will take attention that everything is very clean ,sterilized and safety.Your feeling is very important for us.

Easy contact to dental treatment and information: Your time is more important for our dental team so we offer available working times,dental appointment reminders and quick response for all calls and patient messages.We try to answer all your questions in 24 hours over via whatsapp ,over the phone or via mail.

in same location with wide of dental treatment:We have more wide of dental treatments from dental veneers to implant,root canal,teeth whitening,gum contoruring,teeth filling or denture

comfort: We understand that many patients have an anxiety about their dental treatment.so we try to make your visit  is as enjoyable.in your first appointment,we provide all treatment plan with details clearly step by step so we can make your fear to down slowly slowly.in during treatment time,we can open music which you listen more or you can choose sedation or general anesthesia.

Personal Patient care: You can receive personal patient care 7 /24 whenever you want ,you can contact team

Free VIP Transfer:You will have special free  VIP transfer from airport to hotel and clinic in your every visit.

Experienced dentistry in Turkey;

we offer a wide of dental treatment from periodontal disease , bruxism , dental veneers or implants.We will offer you a special package from start to end during your dental treatment time. At Our Dental Clinic, we offer you with outstanding care and attention to your requirements. If you are thinking about getting  veneers such as zirconium veneers , emax veneers or celtra veneers  allow our team of experienced professionals to go to work for you. We can improve your smile and give you back your confidence in no time. you will be achieved beuatiful smile in asap by As a specialized veneers doctor in our clinic.Our dental team work with you in your every step.They will check xray or your photos after then offer you which kind of veneers suitable for your dental treatment such as zirconium veneer , emax veneer or celtra veneer.Your treatment plan includes more steps so we are going to explain all procedure when you visit us for an appointment.If you are agree for veneers ,please share your number with our dental team.

What Does a Comprehensive Dental Exam Entail?

what you can expect when you have an appointment with us,you can see all details at below;

  • 3D Tomography or Panaromic Xray
  • Checking your bite and jaw examination
  • Checking for oral dental health,risks of tooth decay with gum and bone disease
  • Checking fixed or removable prostheses examination
  • We can advise to how keep a good hygen for your mouth

We will offer more options  for  treatment plans

You will get a roughly cost of the treatment

You can then choose from one of our payment options ( bank card or cash)

Our dental team know that every patient need a correct quality with affordable prices.Our every patient is special so we make treatment plan for their individual needs. We try to prepare more options for your budget but sometimes it is too hard especially dental implants.so you have a free consultation to detail your teeth problem and explain treatment options.

Our dental team performs to offer all of our patients with perfect care and aim to exceed our patient’s dental requirements. We saw that some people have dental anxiety which is why we are dedicated to creating a relaxing atmosphere where our patients feel comfortable like their homes.   To arrange an appointment, please call us or send us a message using our website. We would love to help you for your dental treatment time for achiving beautiful smile! If you want to learn more details, we look forward to seeing you!

Dental Payment Options

At Dental Center Clinic, we try to give attention to your  financial options.We provide more options for paying for your dental cost. We accept all major credit cards and cash. Please ask about our discount for cash payments. Talk to a member of our dental team to speak which of these financial options is available for you. To schedule an appointment, please call us or send us a message using our online form. We will be happy to help your  dental requirements with payment options.

Why  Consider Traveling To Turkey For Dental treatment?

  • Antalya is a beautiful ,sunny and safe city like a holiday city where more people speak english,especially our dentists and most of our staff.
  • Our dental team  have all received the highest level of training from best schools and maintain active memberships in many dental organizations.
  • Many of our patients from UK or US  reach that the financial costs of combining their dental treatment visits with a vacation to beautiful Antalya is up to 70% less expensive than having their dental treatment done at their city.
  • Your time is more important for our clinic. We work best laboratory in Antalya and we try to give you more free time for make a holiday during your dental treatment. We try to give enough time for your dental visit so make your best vacation in Antalya
  • Many patients can return their home with a beautiful smile from our clinic.the best gift is your radiant new smile

How Does it Work?

  • When you arrive in Our Dental Clinic, We will evaluate your recent xray  and check that which treatment is better for you like a  crowns, veneers, or even a full-mouth restoration with dental implants, we will complete the first part of your treatment at first appointment.
  • You can have a holiday in Antalya beautiful beaches ,and we  prepare your veneers or crowns during your dental treatment time
  • We finish your work before going home wiht a beautiful smile

Patients want the top quailty for their budget and that is why you recived  Our Dental Center Clinic .We have finished thousands of patients from many country like United Kingdom ,United States,Germany or Belgium .Our patients travel from United Kingdom and United States more than %70 of our patients while others from all over the world for their dental treatment.

Why so many patients travelled from United Kingdom or maany other countries for their dental treatment with their holiday,please check our reviews on google to learn why they want to choose Our Dental Center Clinic.We want to show you how easy to improve or enchange your smile during your holiday time.

Our Dental clinic is located less than 20 minutes away from airport and in the center of Antalya,it is known for many park,many beaches,more hotels,green spaces and amazing seaside. Our clinic have four floor, you will find our fully high technology treatment rooms with more windows to amaze the view of the ever-changing mountain scene of Antalya, while sun daylight helps brighten in to the clinic rooms. We have 11 treatment rooms, which means that  we try to finish you earlier then you expected.

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