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The costs of dental services in Europe or almost anywhere in the developed world are generally quite high. At Myra Dental Center, we try to minimize costs as much as possible. Thanks to our position in Turkey, we can keep our operational costs much more affordable compared to other parts of Europe. Also, since we have an in-clinic lab, we can prevent the inflated prices of external labs from being included in patient bills. In addition, some of the services we offer are completely free. We offer the following services completely free of charge, that is, there will be no “included” fees on the final invoice. The free services that Dental Center Turkey offers to all patients are:

Free Consultation 

The first consultation with a dentist is completely free. Many patients come to our clinic after consulting dentists in their country. However, our dentists have to examine you before starting Dental treatment Turkey. Your dentist will refer to the opinion of the dentist in your own country, but will also make his own assessment. This initial consultation on arrival will not be reflected on your bill.

This initial consultation is completely free and will not be included in your bill.

A highly qualified dental specialist in our clinic will examine you. All of our dentists are accredited by the Turkish Dental Association. The difference of dentist specialists from general dentists is that they are qualified to perform certain dentistry procedures. Therefore, to get more benefits, you can consult with a dental specialist who can provide detailed information about surgical procedures such as bone grafting, implant placement and sinus lifting. Our dental specialists have experience in both oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists will always be ready to answer your questions about procedures such as smile restoration.

With our consulting dentist who can speak English fluently, you will be able to simply talk about complex medical procedures. In cases where you have a dental phobia related to procedures, you also have the opportunity to discuss this with our doctors. Our dentists will be able to assist you in such situations as they are trained to deal with patients who are afraid of clinical settings. You can also get information from your dentist about new and upcoming dental procedures that suit your situation. Our dental specialists are highly equipped in their field and they always keep up with the latest developments. If a new procedure will be better for you than an older procedure, our dental experts will recommend it without hesitation. As we mentioned earlier, this first consultation is also free

Free Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic x-rays, also known as dental x-rays, are used in the first dental consultations when physical examination is not suitable. In countries such as the USA, the cost of taking a panoramic x-ray can be very high. The panoramic x-ray services we offer at Myra Dental Center are free. There is no need for special preparation for these types of x-rays, and typically there are no side effects or as a result of the X-ray no radiation remains in the patient’s body. While panoramic x-rays are commonly required, they are not always required for examinations. However, in some cases one may be required to the dentist. Thanks to these x-rays, dentists can see a detailed view of the bones and teeth in the patient’s mouth. It is needed when planning treatments for procedures such as dental implants Turkey , back teeth extractions, root canal treatments, and dentures. Preparing for a panoramic x-ray session is not difficult at all and it is also very easy to apply. Unlike intraoral x-rays, the X-ray machine is placed outside, not inside the mouth. Thus, the patient is always comfortable. It takes only a few minutes to take the X-ray. Your dentist will use this x-ray to better plan your treatment and determine the structure of your mouth. In addition, the benefits of a panoramic x-ray are: to detect jaw tumors, cancers, cysts, structural disorders or advanced stages of gum disease, which can be missed during a normal oral examination. Panoramic x-rays are useful and are completely free at Myra Dental Center.


FREE 3D Tomography

With panoramic dental x-rays, a detailed but curved picture of the bones and teeth in the mouth is provided. Due to this curvature, dentists may have difficulty taking measurements for certain dental procedures. In addition, the view is two-dimensional and therefore fundamentally limited. 3D tomography is a new and cutting-edge technology that enables the creation of a three-dimensional digital image of the mouth. Thanks to 3D tomography, which is a new and advanced technology, it is possible to create a three-dimensional digital image of the inside of the mouth. The details offered by this technology to dentists are far more advanced than x-rays and CT scans. While not all dental procedures require this technology, some require it. With the help of 3D images, procedures such as dental implant placement and crown design can be done more accurately. In most countries, taking a 3D image is very costly to patients. Myra Dental Center will not cost you anything. The 3D tomography image will be recommended by your dental professional if it can perform your dental procedure better. This imagining scan can be done at the clinic for free. The difference of these images from X-rays is that they allow dentists to see the soft tissue of your chin. These scans have tremendous benefits for cosmetic dental restoration that requires a high degree of certainty.

FREE VIP Transfer Services 

Are you worried about transportation costs when coming to consultations? Cabin fee can be very expensive in Europe. However, our patients do not need to worry as we offer them free transportation services for their appointments. We will provide a car and a driver that will take you to the clinic for your appointment. After your appointment, you will be dropped back at your hotel or accommodation. You can also benefit from VIP airport transfers services that we offer free of charge. When you come to Turkey you will be welcomed at the airport by our driver and will be directed to your accommodation. When you finish your stay, we will also provide a transfer to the airport. Both of these transportation services will be provided free of charge. You can contact us for more information about the other possibilities we offer in our clinic or submit your questions in the online form provided. You can get answers to any questions you ask from one of our patient.

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